You will love the Valencia Lifestyle

Paseo Map

Valencia is a planned community that was designed with families in mind. All of the neighborhoods are connected by the “Paseo’s” (see map). The Paseos are walkways at the end of all cul de sacs so you and your family can go to schools, parks, pools and shopping and never cross a street. They have lights, mature trees, bridges to cross streets and are a wonderful place to walk the dog in the evenings.

The schools are some of the top rated schools that encourage parental involvement. For example, West Ranch High School has the top rated student test scores in the nation.

The parks system offers free classes to residents. Everything from creative writing, music, tennis, dancing and Tai Chi to name a few.

The commercial districts were designed to be an experience. There are many outside areas to sit and enjoy the company of friends or just get out your laptop and work in your outside office while you enjoy the view.

There are many different Valencia neighborhoods. Learn about them below and experience the Valencia lifestyle for yourself.