Free Sellers Guide Will Save You Thousands of Dollars When Selling Your Home

You are thinking about putting your home up for sale, but you have a lot of questions concerning the process. What price shall I ask? How do I prepare my home for sale? What improvements shall I do to bring the highest price? When shall I schedule the moving trucks?

Not to worry, I have done all of the legwork for you and written a concise, “Nuts and Bolts” guide that answers your questions from A to Z, “Consider It Sold.”

You can now learn;

The three most important factors to sell your home fast for the highest price

Marketing your home

Pricing your home

Staging your home for sale

Creating an emotional experience

The importance of Curb Appeal

Why Paint gives you your most bang for your buck on improving your home for sale

What improvements are “past the point of diminishing returns” and not worth the money.

Handling showings

How to generate multiple offers

Working with offers

Complete moving checklists

Avoid all pitfalls and make the sale of your most expensive asset easy and profitable

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The Historic Monte Cristo Mine is now For Sale

After being family owned for the last 70 years, the Monte Cristo Mine is now being offered for sale. This historical gold mine dates back to the padres who mined the gold for the San Fernando Mission. It is even rumored that the famous bandido, Tibercio Vasquez had mined in the area close to the Monte Cristo.

Rumors of gold circulated as far back as the late 1700’s. A small gold rush hit the area of Mill Creek  above Big Tujunga Canyon in the late 1800’s. Vast amounts of gold were said to exist in the Mill Creek area. One legend surrounds the Lost Padres Mine, which was supposed to be connected with mission San Fernando. Some speculate that the Lost Padres Mine would later become known as the Monte Cristo, the best producer of the Big Tujunga mines.

In it’s heyday, the Monte Cristo was one of the largest producing gold mines of the San Gabriel mountains.

Fred Carlisle brought it to full production in the years between 1923 to 1928. According to the California State Mining Bureau, a total yield of $70,000 was recovered from The Monte Cristo Mine in 1927. Old-timers, however insist the figure was more like $200,000.

For the last 70 plus years, it has been a getaway for a Hollywood movie family to escape from the hectic life of Hollywood. Wood burning stoves, kerosene lamps and the sound of the quail in the distance were the order of the day. The family put a lot of love into The Monte Cristo and enjoyed many years of special times at a special place.

The old mine buildings and mill site are gone but the special place still remains. When you close the gate, the city is gone and the sounds of nature dominate. This secluded mountain getaway is completely self-contained with solar power, internet access, security system and a gravity fed spring that keeps the water tanks full. The property is 25.66 acres of private land and 17 mining claims that encompass 351 acres.

Your family and friends can now enjoy this private paradise only an hour’s drive from the city. Forget that the city exists and create your own reality at this special place. There are 3 self-contained RV’s and a cabin for everyone to stay. There is even a tractor, generators, tools and equipment to keep you busy with your projects.

The Angeles National Forest surrounding the Monte Cristo is now a National Monument. It does not allow any new mining claims to be filed but honors all existing mining claims and respects full private property rights for existing private property.

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Pacific Crest Trail – Agua Dulce Segment through Vasquez Rocks

We review the hike through Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce, California. This is a great section of the Pacific Crest Trail full of interesting landscapes which are awesome for photographers, rock climbers, hikers, bird watching, and it is full of wildlife. This location is famous for many reasons which include more movies and television shows than you might realize, including the famous fight scene from the old Star Trek between the Gorn and Captain Kirk. There’s a great tunnel that goes under the 14 freeway that we explore so check it this out!
We also dig in to a little history of the bandit who this park is named after, Tiburcio Vasquez.

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