Agua Dulce & Acton; It is All About the Lifestyle

Agua Dulce & Action are Truly Special Places

You awaken to the sound of Quail in the distance. The city is forgotten as you take in the view of surrounding mountains. Your morning coffee is highlighted by a pair of Red Tailed Hawks flying overhead. You can finally find some peace and serenity away from the maddening crowds.

Both Agua Dulce & Acton are sleepy little one-horse towns just a few minutes north of Santa Clarita. The small-town country atmosphere lets you kick off your shoes and relax. There are no streetlights…. Just the stars and moon at night. Enjoy a day of wine tasting at the local winery. Or go for a hike at Vasquez Rocks. It is not uncommon to see people riding horses down the street in the central villages of both Agua Dulce and Acton.


The zoning is Agriculture and the average lot size is between 2 to 5 acres. The majority of homes are custom built. The elevation is between 2,500 and 4,000 feet. Which gives you a light dusting of snow in the winter and cool summer nights.

If you want to have horses, dogs, chickens or goats, the zoning allows it. You can even build a workshop for whatever hobby you wish. Both Agua Dulce and Acton have their own Community Standards Districts to protect their rural lifestyles.


If your passion is horsemanship, there are miles of riding trails, training facilities and local events for you to pursue whatever form of horsemanship you desire. Grow a garden, build a green house, have some chickens or restore old cars in your own workshop. You can explore the culinary delights of Le Chen’s French restaurant or sample the wines of the two local wineries. You are now free to create your own lifestyle at your own special place.


Agua Dulce, which means “Sweet Water” in Spanish, was first inhabited by the Tatavian Indians and the Vasquez rocks were their favorite shelter. The park is named after the famous Bandido, Tiburcio Vasquez, who used to hide out at the rocks. Today, the Vasquez Rocks County Park has been featured as the backdrop for many movies and TV shows. It is open every day for hikers and horseback riders.


Another 10 minutes north of Agua Dulce lies the sleepy little town of Acton. It is considered Agua Dulce’s sister town and shares the same lifestyle and school district. Acton started as a mining town in the late 1800’s with its two gold mines: The Red Rover and The Governor.  Acton is also known for its agriculture: peaches, pears, honey and the most beautiful lilacs anywhere.


Look around you anywhere in Southern California and you will not find a small town rural lifestyle within commuting distance of Los Angeles where horses have the right of way.

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