Free Sellers Guide Will Save You Thousands of Dollars When Selling Your Home

You are thinking about putting your home up for sale, but you have a lot of questions concerning the process. What price shall I ask? How do I prepare my home for sale? What improvements shall I do to bring the highest price? When shall I schedule the moving trucks?

Not to worry, I have done all of the legwork for you and written a concise, “Nuts and Bolts” guide that answers your questions from A to Z, “Consider It Sold.”

You can now learn;

The three most important factors to sell your home fast for the highest price

Marketing your home

Pricing your home

Staging your home for sale

Creating an emotional experience

The importance of Curb Appeal

Why Paint gives you your most bang for your buck on improving your home for sale

What improvements are “past the point of diminishing returns” and not worth the money.

Handling showings

How to generate multiple offers

Working with offers

Complete moving checklists

Avoid all pitfalls and make the sale of your most expensive asset easy and profitable

Download your free copy of “Consider it Sold