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You have finally decided to sell your home and you have been thinking about it for the last year. It could be for several reasons. You need a bigger home, the kids are gone and you need a smaller home, you are retiring and want to move to a quiet small town, you have a job transfer or you would like to live in a different location.

You are excited and you put your home on the market. You accept an offer and open an escrow. A few weeks go by and the buyer backs out due to any of the following reasons;

  1. Inspection report identifies mold, roof problems and just too many repairs
  2. Termite report identifies costly infestation
  3. The Natural Hazards Report states you are in a fire zone
  4. The Preliminary Title Report shows a glitch on the title that needs to be corrected.
  5. You are a week away from closing and the buyer’s lenders says they cannot fund the loan after promising they could.

Anything can happen but the majority of these problems can be mitigated with the proper planning. It is like building a home, you need a good set of detailed plans.

I have written a complete Nuts and Bolts “guide that can make your sale go nice and easy with the least amount of problems.

Consider It SOLD

You can now learn;

  1. The three most important factors to sell your home fast for the highest price
  2. Marketing your home
  3. Pricing your home
  4. Staging your home for sale
  5. Creating an emotional experience
  6. The importance of Curb Appeal
  7. Why Paint gives you your most bang for your buck on improving your home for sale
  8. Handling showings
  9. How to generate multiple offers
  10. Working with offers
  11. Complete moving checklists

Avoid all pitfalls and make the sale of your most expensive asset easy and profitable


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